It is the age when most young people own or have access to laptops and do quite a number of activities on them. For some, it is their means to survival and this is not about being a Yahoo monger. Entrepreneurs, typists, writers, Accountants, Secretaries, Architects, in fact almost everyone needs this gadget for an easy day to day worthy activities.

As much as this gadget is helpful to the present generation, it sure has its limitations that could turn out harmful for its user. As a result, it is very essential to know the things you shouldn’t be doing with your laptops.

Here are a few pivotal guides…

Do not leave your laptop in the car. Apart from the very cogent point that thieves might break into your car and cart away with one of your most valuable possession, it is important you know that the temperature of your car can affect your laptop. If the weather is hot, the temperature in your car may rise up to 70 degrees centigrade, which might cause the laptop case to melt. On a cold day with temperature about 15 or 20 degrees below zero, there is a good chance of your monitor cracking.

Your CD/DVD might get jammed. Apparently a laptop is made for mobility; you have to carry it around and in the process your laptop bag could hit any object or even your body parts. If you leave your CD/DVD in the drive, it could get jammed.

Do not keep liquids close to your laptop. Fine, you are working so hard on your laptop and you might have to dehydrate yourself constantly to keep your system calm. No one is saying that is wrong, it is sacrosanct, but then you have to be careful. If you keep water or any drink close to your laptop and by error it pours on the keyboard, it’s sure going to affect it.

Do not keep laptops on your laps. Yeah, this might hold a lot of irony because it is “lap-top”, which we conclude to mean that it is meant to stay on your lap, just as “desk top” which is meant for your desk. But laptops have an electromagnetic field that can get four times stronger than that of the smartphone and is equal to the EMF of a power line of 230 kilo volts from 15 metres away and can reportedly cause cancer. Holding a laptop on your lap simply means preventing it from cooling. For the same reason, it is not recommended to keep a laptop on your bed, because the foam keeps swallowing the heat and emitting back to the laptop. It is very much advisable to use wooden tops.