Late 2017 and early 2018 has witnessed a number of iconic celebrities attaining the age of forty, and they have all celebrated it in ways that reinstate the fact that the age landmark is worthy of both physical and mental growths, achievements and vast experience. As the popular saying goes, “a fool at forty is a fool forever”, and this most of the times has been universally proven.

Adesuwa Onyenokwe echoed our thoughts by saying “Many believe this woman we have known for soooo long must certainly be older than 40…”

Indeed the first thought that came to my mind when I saw the #Omotola4point0 campaign for the first time was “Omotola just dey 40?”

It is not because she looks older, Omotola is vintage, she is Omosexy, now and always, in fact she wants to be sexy till she is 100. But all those achievements in just a short time? All that knowledge and commitment? Gosh! How does she do it?

Omotola is a “perfectionist-it’s either you do it right or don’t do it at all; there is no in between and excuses”. This more or less echoes what most people who have worked with Omotola said, and the truth it radiates in how she does her thing.

Before you expect excellence from people, it has to first come from you; that’s how the people working with you know you are dead serious about excellence.

Most people attain 40 and because of the grandeur attached to it have a huge party, with friends and families in attendance to mark that huge transition, but for Omotola, her spirit of excellence wouldn’t allow her do it just like that. For her, it was more than the foods and the drinks and the jollification, it was more of a milestone for her; a milestone to further engrave her qualitative persona as a humanitarian.

The five day event witnessed the super star give to widows and orphans on the first day as she also partied with them. This is not the first time she would be lending her philanthropic hands to the less privileged and this time, even at 40, she has hinted that she is not about to stop any moment into the farthest future.

One of the events in Omotola’s life that stands her out is her marriage and she willingly dished out some of the marital recipes that has helped blossom her marriage on the day 2 of the event where she, her husband, Captain Matthew Ekeinde and others spoke to a number of couples on “Reciprocate, Respect, Mental Health And Avoiding Slavery In Marriage”.

Day three witnessed a Renaissance Trip to Badagry on the course of a trace to the beginning of slavery, which continued into the fourth day as a symposium on the topic “Mental Slavery and the Emancipation of the Black Race”.

And of course, no matter what, we still got to party, and that she did with her friends, fans, colleagues in the industry and of course her lovely family, where she gave us the privilege of a live performance of her songs.

Attaining 40 (or is it 4.0 now?) for Omotola isn’t just a personal thing; so many people would look back to life changing experiences in their lives and say “it was when Omotola clocked 40”. Now there is a milestone!