As a young adult, a time comes when you have to go out of your parents’ or guardians’ space and create your own space, but then most times, especially in Nigeria, finding a conducive but affordable house seems impossible, and most of the times restrains you from kick starting an independent livelihood, which sometimes, could be frustrating.

Most young adults have resolved to sharing apartments with friends, colleagues and sometimes, even people they are not really close to or might not know at all, which sometimes, usually ends in frustration.

If you are facing this problem, you might want to consider these steps in order to get out on your own before the end of the year.

Don’t try to set out independent on an empty purse. Yes, fine, you want to get out of your parents’ monitoring and be on your own to have enough breathing space, but then do you have money? It’s not even just about having money, it’s about having a stable source of money. You might have the money to get the apartment now, but would you be able to maintain it. It is more of a failure to get out of your parent’s house, only to return after a year, because you couldn’t pay your rent. Get a job first.

Share your rent. If it is too much, try partner with one of your friends, who you wouldn’t have problems with and share the rent. Do not ally with the wrong person because you are in a hurry. Get the right person; someone of like mind and help each other out.

Change your location. Fine, you want to become an Islander, but can you afford the apartments there. Even if you have a job, can it sustain an apartment in that location? Try change your location and look out for other places with cheaper housing offers.

Cut down on your expenses. If you are really serious about getting your own space, you might want to cut down on the unreasonable and ostentatious expenses taking your money away. Try save uo wisely to achieve your aim. It is time you stopped wishing; snap out of it!