Well, the answer is a big “NO”, there is no way you could be successful without education and I’m not talking about school.

The definitions of success and education to everyone is highly relative; different people have different yardsticks to determine if someone is educated or not, just as different people have different ways of accepting someone has been successful. Whichever it is, no one can attain success without a level of education.

Education could either be formal or informal; anyone who wants to successful has to experience any of them to a reasonable degree.

The greatest irony sometimes is that school is overrated as the means of education, yet so many people go to school but they are not educated.

According to Joshua Manley; “Abraham Lincoln was not “traditionally” educated. Rockefeller dropped out of high school at 16. Here’s what I think. Education is something you go out and get, continuously. It’s possible to go to the best universities, earn advanced degrees, and not be educated. It’s also possible to drop out of traditional school, and be highly educated. 

“Educated people make learning a lifelong habit by incorporating it into their daily routines. They read. They listen more than they speak.They are slow to form judgements.”

In addition to this, Algiffary  Riony “think(s) ‘education’ needs to be specified because there are just so many kinds of education one can have in his life.”

“I personally define education as simply being informed with some amount of correct and relevant informations and also being taught to think in correct way. That’s the basis for every kind of education in my personal opinion. So, by my definition, you can choose not to go to any school and instead you wander to every corner of your city, observing people’s routines and listening to random, informal ‘conventions’ held by people around you, you do it in your entire life and you can say you are educated. You are basically doing what is called self-education, despite the questions arise from people regarding the claim that you are educated.”

Nigerian singer, Olamide, does not have a Masters Degree in Philosophy, but he is versed in street values and it reflects in his songs, which reflects very much on why he is very much respected by the street. There is no school that would teach you what to know and how to handle street values, if you want to know it, you have to go out there and learn it.

For some people success is not about the money or material accumulations, it is more about impacting the lives of others positively, so much that your name is written in the sands of time. Whichever it is, you need some levels of education to attain success.

For Manley, Success is how you feel about how you spend your time. Success isn’t something pursued, it must ensue from meaningful activity. By this definition, some of the richest, most traditionally successful people in the world, are not successful. And, some of the poorest, least visible members of society are extraordinarily successful.

Spend time understanding what matters to you. Listen to your gut. Treat things like friendship, love and interconnectedness as vital, even fundamental, to your well being. You’ll have lead a tremendously successful life, though not perhaps, by conventional standards.”

In addition, Manley “One needs to be taught some amount of things and be taught to think correctly so he can succeed in his life. If someone chooses not to have an education in his life, there is a really little to no possibility he is going to succeed as he basically isn’t capable of doing anything in a correct way.

Of course to be successful, we are talking about how much education one has ever had. When someone with less formal education managed to succeed in something by hard work, we can still say by his hard work he surely has taught himself numerous things and therefore is really educated in what he is doing.

Nevertheless, one thing for sure, if someone wants to succeed in his life, he needs to be educated. If someone managed to succeed without both hard work and education, it sure is luck.”

Davido’s father is rich, yes, but he puts in a lot of hardwork, that is why he is successful.

Define your line of education today and define what success means to you. Whatever definition you choose, you should know one cannot be independent of the other.