It is everyone’s dream to be able to stick to one person that would perfectly understand their strength and weaknesses and make them happy every time, giving them guides on how to make the perfect growth decisions and making every single day count.

Finding the “perfect” partner  is one of the greatest achievements in life. Hence when an individual feels he/she has found “the one”, the bliss and fulfillment they feel from the inside would be beyond measure.

Finding the right partner or spouse is not having to hang out with someone for a while, it is supposed to be a life long journey; the aim to grow old together and not just the spur of the moment .

If finding the right person has seemed a great, unattainable task for you, here are ways you could get better in making the right decision at finding the right person for your emotional stability…

Love Yourself. How do you know the person you are with loves you when you don’t even know how to love yourself. “Loving yourself” here doesn’t mean you have to be selfish like the girl persona in Justin Bieber’s song, it means you have to appreciate yourself so you don’t fall for a wrong form of attention.

Know What You Want

Know the religion and state of mind you would like your partner have. Know how you want them to look like physically, personality et al. The person that would eventually knock you off your feet might might not totally have everything, but before you go on to have a serious relationship with the person, you would have been convinced that they meet up with a greater part of your expectations. Trying to totally change your spouse would birth friction in your relationship, so avoid that. You should not also forget to be able to bend your rules sometimes to accommodate your partner’s weaknesses, everybody has one.

Look On The Inside

Sometimes maybe you don’t have to put yourself through that much trouble to get through to the right person. The perfect partner might just be a friend’s friend, a classmate, co-worker, members of your religious group, or other close associates. You could meet someone on your social media platforms. Do not close your mind to possibilities.

Try Make it Work

If you finally get to meet the person that makes you soar in every aspect, do not walk out on them because of a mistake, especially if they are sincerely remorseful about it. Discuss at length with your partner the things you want and those you don’t even before you both get serious on your emotional co-habitation. Give enough room for forgiveness and compromises, do not be too rigid about everything.

And of course do not forget to pray about it…