An average young Nigerian is believed to have had quite a number of adult mentorship and parental guidance which we normally refer to as “home training”, both for the males and females.

When a random young adult goes out and breaks social ethics or norms, his wronged contemporaries or adults would be quick to give him the hard shot that he/she lacks “home training” and based on factual occurrences this expression always gets at the accused, because the insult, most of the times, is not just meant for him/her but the adults that groomed him.

But then “home training” seems to be lost on a great number of young Nigerians, especially with the advent, consistency and thrive of the social media.

These days, social media has fed us with a huge number of humorous cuts; so much that we are so filled up with them, we started spilling them over into our realities.

These days it seems normal for everyone to be rude and give the “sorry I ain’t sorry” attitude, because the social media seems to glorify the ones that don’t give a f*ck.

A normal question or random post from a celebrity would make the supposed leaders of tomorrow come at each other with life threatening insults with quite a massive number of them even addressed to an offender’s ancestors.

It is not hard to hear of harassment from the opposite sex in words and in deeds, just because everyone doesn’t seem to know the boundary between illusion and reality; that in reality you are not supposed to pluck at a lady’s bum in a restaurant, just because you have seen countless of it been done on social media skits and the victim doesn’t get to retaliate if her partner doesn’t have an accumulation of gargantuan muscles.

It has also suddenly become normal for someone to victimise an unfortunate fellow, turn it around like he/she is the actual victim, make a video and garner a lot of attention to become the king or queen of the social media, which would definitely also spill into reality.

A huge number of awful things seem normal now; it is what cuts across as the trend. If you are not doing it then you are not young and getting it.

Of course in every awful situation there would always be a flicker of hope. So in case you are not yet lost in the global illusion, please try not to lose your “home training”.