It is desirable that when childhood friends or contemporaries grow, they grow together, but then like the popular Yoruba adage says, “20 kids cannot play together for 20 years”.

The truth is just that sometimes your closest pals might leave you behind in various life pursuits and it eventually looks like you are not getting anything out of life. It feels as though life is partial on you, especially when you feel you are putting in more efforts than your friends who seem to getting everything on a platter of gold.

But then, maybe you should realise that the more you get choked up on what your friends are achieving the more you get more frustrated, the more you lose out in life.

Rather than sit and picture or build on how you could get better with your career decisions and other growth decisions, you get yourself locked down on someone else’s issue and give a whole lot of room for a failing gravity to pull you down.

It is high time you realised that everyone does have his or her own time zone. Everyone has been programmed to achieve on a different time zone.

Your friend might have a better job and earn better than you, but if you concentrate more on your strengths rather than what you could have gotten or what you lost, you could achieve more by effectively strategising on how you could use your resources.

If your friend got married before you, it doesn’t mean she would be more maritally fulfilling than you, when you eventually do.

So, slow down, stop living your life by your friends’ standards. No one is saying you shouldn’t aim for greatness, but cease from feeling miserable because someone got it before you.