The society and religious ethics do frown against an individual getting involved in promiscuous affairs, especially as teenagers or young adults.

Most parents are always hard on their children as regards sleeping around and fulfilling their sexual fantasies but then youths always find their ways around having a s3xual adventure.

With time, the need for constant attention, material gains and sheer yearn for s3xual pleasure has encouraged most youths to get involved with multiple s3xual partners, even when the society sometimes frown against getting involved with one before marriage.

It is really not a surprise again that even married folks get involved with other s3xual partners with the acclamation that their partners aren’t satisfying their emotional needs, while some are just based on greed and maniac occurrences.

Not everyone buys into the idea of waiting till they are married. Whichever it is either with your boyfriend/girlfriend or your married partner, it is advisable to stick to one partner due to psychological and physical effects that might result from multiple sex partners.

Studies has shown that people with multiple sex partners develop anxiety and depression which later on, develop mental health problems. The effect could as well be relative to that of hard drugs, where an addicted fellow, lose control of themselves and seem not to be able to live without a supply; losing their lives.

And of course there is the danger of contacting STDs. So stick to a partner and enjoy your love and s3x life to the fullest.