Every parent does want what is best for their children just as every youth wants what’s best for their future.

Hence the issue of contradiction has always been the case as most parents seem not to be convinced about their children making the right career choice just as the children are not convinced about their parents making the right decisions as regards what affects their future.

In as much as there is quite a level of flexibility in the modern time about a child choosing his career, most parents still try to influence the decisions of their children or wards as regards their career.

As a young adult who is at a crucial stage of his or her existence, here are the priorities you should consider as you debate between choosing your dream job or going with your parents want.

What are your strengths?

Weigh your options. Write out the expectations of your chosen career and your parent’s choice and try to decide which of them your could handle. What are your skills? What are you passionate about? Would you be able to handle what you are planning to settle with?

Do you want to live for yourself or for your parents?

The truth is your parents have made their youthful choices, which you are a part of and they have lived their lives to the stage at which they are now; either they feel fulfilled or not. The question is do you want to keep living your parents’ lives or you want to initiate yours? This is not about erasing legacy, especially if your family has a good one; this is about you adding excellence to it.

Initiate your chances and opportunities?

Create a bigger charade of opportunities for yourself and your generation by following your dreams. Do not restrain your potentials while trying to live the lives of your parents.


Your fulfillment?

Whatever choice we make in life what really pays in the end is our fulfillment. You want to please your parents while you wallow in self pity and deprivation? If your parents’ choice is not what you want and it wouldn’t make you happy and fulfilled at the end of the day, please don’t opt for it. Your old age is going to be quite miserable if your career life didn’t give you any form of fulfillment. Mind you it might bring in a lot of money, but your fulfillment goes beyond the bills…