Harmattan came with its cold and dryness and now it is the dry season, where everything gets hot and almost discomforting. It’s quite easy to prevent a cold weather, most times all you have to do is to take something warm and wear thick outfits, but then when the weather gets hot even the scantiest of clothing becomes uncomfortable.

Here are ways you could live comfortably during this season…

Get Hydrated 

Try to get more than enough water into your system, as you get to sweat more during this period and lose quite a a huge quantity of water from within. Water is not the only substance you could use to hydrate your body, but it is the most accessible; so take more than enough and get your system hydrated for comfort.

Get Your Sweat Under Control

Apart from taking water, you can reduce the level at which you sweat by staying more in ventilated areas and reducing the volume of clothes on your body.

Optimise the Positioning of Your Fan

It has been proven that when you position your fan (standing or table fans) to face the outside, it would blow in cooler air than when it is positioned inside.

Avoid hot meals

This is not the period to have your pepper soup steaming hot and peppery; the culinary burden would kill the pleasurable taste. you would enjoy your meals this period when they are reasonably warm or outright cold.

Engage In Cooling Exercises

Exercises would make you sweat; it doesn’t mean you should stop because it’s the hot season and you are bound to sweat much more which could make you utterly uncomfortable. You could have a cooling exercise like swimming and other related water sports.

Get A Cool Sleep

Sleeping becomes almost unbearable when the weather is hot. But outsmart the heat and get a good sleep by sleeping on a wet sheet or use special pillows like a chillow.

With some of these tips you could beat the heat and stay comfortable…