Most people believe that women are the only one that have to look sparkling clean, from the inside to the outside, and I’m not talking of attitude.

The men feel they can recycle their unwashed boxers till the conversion of the Jews. So far their starched shirts and trousers could conveniently make a right angle triangle, with an overdose of cologne; the under just doesn’t matter, after all they are guys.

Maybe it is high time you knew that you are putting yourself in a lot of risks and because you don not have too many holes like the woman does not mean you do not stand at more risk, if you keep wearing dirty boxers.

Here are some of them…


Just take a moment to think about it, you are a fine, clean looking man, but then you take every opportunity in the crowd to put your hands in your pocket and scratch from behind the scene. Just save yourself the embarrassment and discomfort and wear clean boxers everyday. If you have two, wash one today, against tomorrow…lol

Sores or Rashes

Continuous itching would inadvertently lead to sores, and it gets worse if your sores still have to be in contact with your smelling pair of boxers. You could also develop rashes. It is quite funny that most men would go on to get prescriptions for rashes and sores, but still can’t spare money to get new pairs of underwear; is it a curse? (in Lasisi’s voice)…

Bacterial Infection

When the sores keep getting in contact with your dirty pairs of undies, you give room for bacteria to breed, and it could go on to cause more health problems. Just change that pair of boxers and save yourself a whole lot of troubles…

Cancer Risk

You may develop prostrate cancer. The risk comes from the fact that if you don’t change your undergarments, these sores and blisters are the perfect place where the microbes from your dirty underwear grow and multiply.