When Kiss Daniel’s songs pop up, the reverberating identity is “Gee-world-wide”; when it is (was?) Kiss Daniel, it is G-Worldwide.

Kiss was signed to G-Worldwide in 2013, the year he began his music career professionally, releasing a single titled “Shoye” and a visual for it. His second single “Woju” was the song that birthed the hit status we have come to identify with Kiss Daniel.

Kiss Daniel has gone on to release other numerous hits under his label and has been able to hold up the upfront status, which most entertainment driven Nigerians are proud of.

But then we have all noticed, wondered and talked about Kiss, as talented as he is, not engaging in any collaboration except with his label mate Sugarboy, or getting himself involved in any form of endorsement, then we got to know that these are the terms he agreed on with his label.

Kiss Daniel signed a 5-year contract with Emperor Geezy’s G-Worldwide Entertainment in 2013 which means he’s only done about 4 years before leaving.

In August 2015, Kiss Daniel revealed that even with his hits, the label was only paying him N50,000, which was what was agreed on when he was an upcoming, ambitious, and maybe desperate act.

In an interview he had in 2016, he said “I’m signed to a record label and the management for now only allows me to collaborate with in-house artistes Dj Shabsy and Sugarboy. Maybe later I’ll do songs with other artistes but for now it’s out of it.”

It was more or less like Kiss Daniel was in a jail, so much that he couldn’t talk about his age outside of his record label’s approval. He is not allowed to have as many interviews as such that would have boosted his career the more. Even with all of his feats and what he is capable of, Kiss Daniel seemed to have been confined to a myopic condition that is apparently unfavourable.

His fans are happy about him leaving the Label, and Kiss himself seemed undeterred about the threats and lawsuits coming from his label, as he refused to cancel his shows, like the one in Benin today.

As an upcoming act who is very much talented and can’t just wait to show his abilities to the world, Kiss didn’t mind all of these conditions then, probably he didn’t know he would be this big and appreciated in such a short time.

Every well driven young person has a yearn for greatness, we are always anxious and just cant wait to get on the outside, so most times in our hurry, we make mistakes. Kiss Daniel’s case has reinstated the fact that before making a decision, one should weigh future possibilities and iron them out.

Nigerians love Kiss and they are supporting him at this turbulent time in his career, but then every made celebrity have had their turbulent moments and some of them are still standing strong.