After emerging the winner of the Peak Talent Show in 2009, Yemi Alade started off singing professionally with her first single “Fimisile” under the Jus’ Kiddin’ label. She thereafter joined Effyzzie Music Group, and released her single “Ghen Ghen Love”, but that didn’t achieve the required hit, but at least emphasised her presence in the music scene.

Yemi performing at Peak Talent Show

In 2013, she released “Bamboo” but it wasn’t the intended hit until the last quarter of 2013 when she she broke records with “Johnny”, produced by Selebobo. Yemi finally achieved her feat with this song as it became an international smash hit, dominating music charts in Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Liberia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and the United Kingdom.

Ever since, she has had other number of songs that though might not be doing it so big for some people, but Yemi has been able to garner her own fan base with her consistency and hardwork.


In July 2015, she released Na Gode, with a video that has her performing a graceful philanthropic act. That seemed to have promoted the song.

Yemi went on to release other songs like Tum Bum, Knack Am, Tangerine, Kissing, among other songs that made air waves.

There are a set of people who feel Yemi is not doing enough content wise, as she keeps releasing songs that tilts towards the same melody.

For some Yemi got her shinning opportunity when Tiwa Savage took a break from the scene to have her baby. But then Yemi was not the only competitive female act on the block but she was the only one who really worked at the time and got the recognition she deserved.

She has also been able to achieve her fashion stance with her signature hair and her very fashionable outfits.

Though very vibrant, long sighted and committed, Yemi would have to work more on her content and try produce songs with more rounded lyrics and more developed and not one-way tempo. She has the capability to stay relevant in the industry for a long time, but then if she keeps doing the same thing, her audience would get bored.