For most upcoming acts, it is pertinent to grant interviews, in order to sell yourself to the public. Most of the times, an upcoming act or even an established one would have to “beg” for or book an interview to promote themselves or what they do for healthy public awareness.

At the same time, media hubs try to get celebrities on their platforms for interviews in order to get contents or to clear a controversial issue. While upcoming acts would find that interesting, some of the in-house personalities, sometimes, try to shy away from interviews, especially TV. In Davido’s words, “I hate interviews”. Then one would wonder why a public figure would not want to have one.

Interviews have always come in the question-answer formats, where the interviewer gets to ask the interviewee questions, and the latter would have to answer on the spot, especially for TV interviews. In some cases, a personality might have his or her interview questions sent to him or her and such would take time to answer the questions. But the spontaneous interview is more common.

Most celebrities try to shy away from interviews because of the following reasons:

Spontaneity gives room to a lot of errors. We have seen celebrities say what they were not supposed to say on live shows or make content or grammatical blunders that people would thereafter make fun of, which would end up embarrassing them and sometimes dent their career or image. Talk about Ese Eriata of Big Brother Naija not knowing the meaning of BSc., Seyi Shay calling EP “Electric Package” and some other blunders that have been recorded.

In the same vein, some celebrities react to some situations on the go and would end up regretting what they might have said or done. We are humans, we all make impulsive errors that we regret later, but most times, it’s always too late.

Then talk about media hubs twisting words to suit their contents and pull crowds to their platforms, which most of the times puts the celebrity in the bad light.

Whatever the case, they are part of the things that makes an individual a celebrity; the drama builds the momentum.