Having been a screen sensation since featuring in the melodious and humorous Lagbaja’s Dream Come True, Ufuoma McDermott has since remained one of our on screen talents and has proven her eclecticism in her career, both in motion pictures and stage performances.

I personally watched Ufuoma for the first time on Stage in Ifeoma Fafunwa’s Hear Word in Unilag, a play that targets real issues affecting the lives of women, which limits their potential for achievement, independence, decision-making and leadership and oh my, Ufuoma blew me away. She dogmatically portrayed the lives of the so called “Born Again” women whom the society has ‘caged’ on how they are supposed to explore their sexuality and believe you me, no other act could have done it better.

Then of recent she has proven her prowess the more in Omoni Oboli’s Wives on Strike, Wives on Strike: Revolution and then the very much recent, incumbent Christmas is Coming which she produced and directed.

As a beautiful, hard working woman who has made a name for herself in the industry with its massive followership, there is no doubt she would be a figure of mentorship; which could apparently be judged by the numbers of followers and activities on her various social media handles. Hence, it is expected that she portrays and make decisions with these people in mind.

Speaking in a recent interview on celebrities living their lives based on what people would feel, she said ” First of all, people have to disconnect their hearts from their heads. Your heart might be gladdened about an actor on your screen and you have perception in you for a long time that such person has to make you happy all the time. Celebrities are humans, so do not put too much pressure on them”.

“However, in our own little ways, we try to do the right things but if the hearts are not the same paths, just move on.”

The actress is currently promoting her movie, Christmas is Coming which has been in the cinemas since the 24th of December and is still running. On her inspiration, “I have always loved Christmas and I always knew that sometimes as a filmmaker, I was going to make a holiday-themed movie. So when the story came, I thought ‘why not place it in the context of Christmas and give it a Christmas feel”.