If as an entertainer- or any career whatsoever- you are talented, hardworking and when you engage in something, you have a feeling that “you have arrived” then you can say you are making success in what you are doing.

But you know what we call success has its variant definitions, and in essence the peak definition. So if you feel you have all it takes as regards your career, but then people don’t really give a hoot about you or what you do, then there is a BIG problem.

As an entertainer, your efforts are for the public. The people are the judge of what you do and who you are. As a film maker,  you might have the talents, the prowess and the resources, but you might end up not being a fancy of the public regardless.

On another hand, you might be so talented that people can’t just help but give you attention and consume what you give out, but you know something about a candle, it would always burn out.

Hence, taking from Toyin’s speech at the recently held Exquisite Lady of The Year (ELOY) Awards, “being popular is not the same as being successful”. That speech is the bomb; another reinstatement of Toyin’s intellectual eloquence-That’s a story for another day.


The truth is you might have what it takes as a public figure, the resources and all, so you have a whole lot of crowd following you, but then ATTITUDE. Attitude is the reason why an individual would not just go to a cinema to see your movie or buy your songs because people convinced them it is loaded, but also the reason they would always have you in mind even when they are not getting any aesthetic satisfaction.

Attitude is the reason why people would use their resources for you even when they are not getting anything in return; just the satisfaction that they have been able to make their role model feel happy. They would be more concerned about you than what they are giving away.

Toyin Abraham is undoubtedly talented, cutting across boundaries and shining forth among her contemporaries. She is funny- not just for movie roles- friendly and oh my very humble.

Toyin doesn’t just have fans; she has an army!  Guess she knows that, hence that name Toyin Titans. These people love her, adore her, respect her and believe in her. I’m very much convinced all that love arose from the fusion of her undaunted talent and amiable personality.

Toyin Titans helped Toyin make history. Of all the categories released by the site, Toyin Abraham “shut down” the ELOY Awards voting site the minute it was made available for voting. On being announced the winner, it was stated “when the categories went up (ELOY) had a million hit in one day and the website crashed”; that’s quintessential!

Her recent achievement as the winner of the “Actress Big Screen” is a much deserved one and the way I’m seeing it, Toyin’s army is growing bigger and they don’t seem to be going nowhere in ages to come-Beware!!!